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Antalya Private Transfer Our Fleet

We have a wide range of vehicles to meet your needs, from Van, Mini Van, Passenger VIP cars to Classic Passenger Cars. From Airport to Hotel – Book Hotel to Airport and day trips.

From €55

Mercedes Vito

  • 5 Passengers
  • 5 Bags
From €60

Mercedes Vito Premi̇um

  • 5 Passengers
  • 5 Bags
From €125

Mercedes Private Minibus 

  • 16 Passengers
  • 12 Bags

Why Should You Choose Us?

Easy Online Booking

You can create all your transfer needs online in minutes.

Professional Drivers

Our experienced Polite Drivers speak your language.

Big Fleet Of Vehicles

A large fleet of vehicles to suit all needs

Ease of Payment in the Vehicle

You can pay your payments in the vehicle after the transfer.

Price list

Antalya Airport to Lara
55 €
Antalya Airport to Kundu
55 €
Antalya Airport to Konyaaltı
55 €
Antalya Airport to Kaleiçi
55 €
Antalya Airport to Belek
55 €
Antalya Airport to Side
60 €
Antalya Airport to Manavgat
60 €
Antalya Airport to Kızılağaç
60 €
Antalya Airport to İncekum
70 €
Antalya Airport to Okurcalar
70 €
Antalya Airport to Avsallar
70 €
Antalya Airport to Türkler
85 €


Antalya Airport to Konaklı
85 €
Antalya Airport to Alanya
85 €
Antalya Airport to Mahmutlar
90 €
Antalya Airport to Beldibi
60 €
Antalya Airport to Göynük
60 €
Antalya Airport to Kemer
60 €
Antalya Airport to Kiriş
65 €
Antalya Airport to Kaş
190 €
Antalya Airport to Fethiye
210 €

Antalya Private Transfer Airport – Hotel – Day Trips 

Antalya Private Transfer is the closest transfer office to Antalya Airport. Antalya Turkey is known as the best holiday destination. There are many large and small holiday locations in Antalya.

For this reason, many people come to Antalya in the summer months. There are many flights from all over the world to Antalya airport. So Transfer is important. There are many transfer options at the airport. However, Private Transfer is the best option. Because Antalya Private Transfer Services has many routes to all parts of Antalya.

These ;

Alanya Private TransferBelek Private Transfer Side Private TransferGazipasa Private TransferKemer Private Transfer Antalya private transfer services pass through many different routes to reach the exact destinations. That’s why people need to be transplanted. There are buses and taxis, but they are not as good as Antalya Private Transfer services.

Why Private Transfer?

Airports are far from hotels and resorts in Antalya. Especially when tourists come to Antalya, they don’t know how to get to their hotel or where they are. So Private Transfer is beneficial for everyone.

There are 3 transfer options. These are private airport transfers, taxis and buses. Taxis are expensive. Buses are not expensive. But they are very crowded. So they are not comfortable. If you go to a remote place like Alanya, bus is not a logical option for transfer. And you have to change many buses to get to Side or Kemer. The bus option is not suitable for a long journey. When you have a lot of luggage, you may have problems with buses and taxis.

However, you will not have any problems with private transfer. Because only for you. You have a personal driver and car. Your personal driver carries your luggage. Considering all the options, Antalya VIP Transfer is the most logical decision. With this transfer, you can go to your hotel without waiting.

Services of Antalya Private Transfer

Antalya Airport Transfer has many useful services. Firstly, transfer cars are so modern, luxurious, and comfortable. And this feature is important in a long way. So as to go long way, transfer cars need to be comfortable. Because people don’t feel comfy. And the way is painful for them. Before you use private transfer cars, they are cleaned. There are beverages and food in private transfer cars. While you go to your hotel, you can enjoy it.

If you are a big group or family, no need to worry about it because you can choose your service vehicle according to the size. There are many size and model transfer cars. And you can decide what you want.

If you have a reservation, you don’t wait at the airport. Because when you had a reservation, your personal driver and car will be ready for you. Antalya 24/7 Transfer is really useful for people. Because when you get off the plane at night, you will not be able to find a taxi or bus. But you cant have trouble with private transfer. These features are useful and good for transfer.

So you should prefer a Private Transfer. The best option is Antalya Private Transfer.

Check out the comments and your location on the map.

Make your online appointment for comfortable and hygienic travel with VIP vehicles. Antalya Private Transfer has a large vehicle fleet. Complete the reservation by choosing the appropriate vehicle you want.

Antalya VIP transfer Services


Question: Do your vehicles have passenger air conditioning?

Answer: We attach great importance to the comfort of our customers. All of our vehicles have passenger air conditioning.

Question: Do you offer a welcome package?

Answer: Yes, we prepare welcome packages upon your request.

Question: Can I make the payment for the vehicle?

Answer: Yes, one of the most prominent features of our company is the option to pay for the vehicle. You can make your payments in the vehicle.

Question: Do you greet us when I land at the airport?

Answer:Yes, our greeter with your name will meet you at the airport check-ins and assist you to the vehicle.

Question: Do you greet us when I land at the airport?How can I get a quote for Agencies for Rixos Premium Belek Transfer?

Answer:You can request special offers for agencies and other agencies by contacting us via our e-mail address on the contact page on our website or by contacting us via live support wahstapp.

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