activities with children in Antalya

Activities with Children in Antalya: Make Vacation Fun

Activities with children in Antalya have become as diverse as adult activities. Antalya has become the entertainment city of Turkey and people from all over the world spend time here. However, especially those who visit Antalya as a family bring their children with them. In this case, people who bring their children want them to have fun too. Antalya can be famous as a city where children can also have fun. Because there are many places here that will attract the attention of children. These places vary according to the tastes of children. There are ancient cities for children who are interest in history, aquariums for children who are interested in animals, aquaparks and jeep safaris for children who are interested in entertainment.

 Of course, it also varies according to the age of the children. Until the age of 18, everyone is considere a child, so the activities are open to change. Children who have entered puberty prefer more adventurous activities and their age may be suitable for these activities. Age limits can be imposed for many activities such as jumping, jumping and speed. However, many other activities are suitable for younger ages. Sandland, for example, fascinates many children. School-going children also enjoy visiting ancient cities. In this way, activities with children in Antalya are diversified and it is possible to make the holiday enjoyable for everyone.

Pirate Ship Experience

It is possible to mention this activity as a unique experience for every child who is curious about pirates. Olympos is the most common choice for a pirate ship experience. This region was famous as a pirate harbor in ancient times. Today, there are pirate boats in the harbors in Alanya and Kemer. These boats are specially designed and decorated. The pirate ship experience is important for children to experience the most enjoyable moments. Especially when children from all over the world see these ships, they want to go directly into these ships. The activities here vary and the fees vary accordingly.

Dino Park

Dinosaurs are every child’s dream and a subject of curiosity. Dino Park also aims to explore the world of dinosaurs. Dino Park is located on an area of 30 hectares. This is Turkey’s first dinosaur theme park and therefore has many features. This place is located in Kemer district of Antalya. A small zoo is seeing here. There is also an archaeological excavation area. Learning new information about paleontology excites many children. Of course, there is also a movie theater and a house of horrors. Thus, children can do many activities at the same time in Dino Park. There is both breakfast and dinner here. You can celebrate your children’s birthday here. Dino Park is the first place that comes to mind when it comes to activities with children in Antalya.


Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari is among the most trendy activities of recent years. However, there is an age limit in this activity and it is necessary to choose carefully. While it is usually 12 years old and above, in some places 16 years old and above is the limit. Of course, a parent is also required. It is possible to visit many places in Antalya with Jeep vehicles. Especially the Taurus Mountains are the most common choice. It is possible to travel by vehicle in the Taurus Mountains for hours as part of the tour.

The Taurus Mountains spread over a wide geographical area and there are many things to see. Orange groves and banana groves offer the most unique views of this region, while it is also possible to observe the creatures in nature from a distance. Pine forests are widespread in the region and also offer roads with unique views. In places where there is a stream bed, water wars take place and the activity becomes much more fun.

Ancient City Visits

Cultural excursions are also among the activities with children in Antalya. Antalya is one of the richest cities when it comes to ancient cities. Because there are more than 20 ancient cities in Antalya and each of them is dated to different periods. In this way, everyone can choose the ancient city that interests them. There are cities that were important during the Roman period, as well as cities that stood out during the Byzantine period or the period of Hellenistic kings. Of course, some cities have a sacred character and this becomes a reason for preference when traveling. Especially children care about the unique places they can see. In this way, theaters, stadiums and many more in ancient cities attract them more.

Antalya Aquarium

Antalya Aquarium is known as the 2nd largest aquarium in Europe. It is the 5th largest aquarium in the world. Therefore, people from all over the world have a valid reason to visit this aquarium. There are 40 thematic aquariums here. There are around 5000 fish and underwater creatures in them. In some tanks you can also see sharks. But this is not the only highlight of the aquarium. There is also a snow world. Here -5 degrees is a constant temperature and it is possible to have fun with snow.


The Land of Legends Theme Park

The Land of Legends Theme Park is located in Belek and is a place every child wants to experience. There is a huge water park here and it is possible to see 55 water slides. Therefore, it appeals to all ages but especially fascinates children. There is an adventure park and a gondola ride. In the evening, laser shows are held and many different foods are also available. When buying a ticket for activities with children in Antalya, you can choose a ticket that covers the whole day.


Karain Cave

Caves are fascinating for everyone. Antalya is rich in caves, but Karain Cave in particular is known as the most popular. It is known as the oldest settlement in Anatolia and is famous for being the largest cave in the country. This cave is 500,000 years old and has been inhabite for many centuries. There are many narrow passages here and the landscape is fascinating for children.


Activities with children in Antalya are an important issue for many parents. We can evaluate these activities on our list and you can choose the ones that suit you. You can benefit from our transfer service to reach these activities. To get in touch:

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