Alaiye Resort Hotel Transfer

Alaiye Resort Hotel Transfer

It is your choice not to compromise on quality in Alaiye Resort Hotel transfer transactions! Luxury is very important in the transfer process. A luxurious trip is everyone’s right. Thanks to this, you can travel comfortably. We make your journey enjoyable with the service we offer. You can contact us for reliable and durable trips. You can choose the most suitable vehicle from our rich fleet. Our experienced driver will take you safely to your address. During the transfer process, our vehicle will pick you up from the address you specified. You will reach the desired address as soon as possible. Thus, your journey will progress with confident steps.

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Vehicle Options For Alaiye Resort Hotel Transfer

We have many vehicle options for Alaiye Resort Hotel transfer. Our vehicles are quite reliable. In this way, you can travel comfortably. There are 3 different vehicle types in our fleet. Our Mercedes Vito, Mercedes Vito Premium and Mercedes Private Minibus options serve you. Our vehicles are suitable for many people. At the same time, the bag capacities are quite wide. In this way, you can put many bags in the vehicle. The number of suitcases on long-term trips is increasing. We offer you a wide range of cars for this.

Pay Attention to the Security Factor in Alaiye Resort Hotel Transfer Transactions!

Our Alaiye Resort Hotel transfer procedures are very secure. In this way, you will not have any hesitation about the trip. Our vehicles are insured to ensure that your transfer process is safe. Our vehicles are checked regularly and vehicle maintenance is carried out by experts. At the same time, experienced drivers use our vehicles. In our company, which provides 7/24 transfer service, our drivers do not work for a long time. So you can travel in a healthy way.

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Distance to Alaiye Resort Hotel and Antalya Airport

There is a distance of 103 kilometers between Alaiye Resort Hotel and Antalya Airport. You can travel between the airport and the hotel. We complete this distance in the most accurate way. So you are just enjoying the journey. We prefer the most suitable route depending on the traffic situation. Your Alaiye Resort Hotel transfer process is now much more reliable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to transfer to Alaiye Resort Hotel ?

A: The journey covers Antalya province in transfer transactions. The time must be specified in advance.

Q: Is there a reservation requirement for the transfer?

A: We are looking for a reservation requirement for transfer transactions. You can book online.

Q: What is the fee for transfer transactions?

A: The fee varies. Therefore, you can ask during booking.

Q: How long is the maximum vehicle capacity?

A: The maximum vehicle capacity is 16 people. An extra vehicle can be rented for those with more than 16 people.

Q: What is the maximum bag capacity in vehicles?

A: Our vehicles have a maximum capacity of 12 bags. You can specify the number of your bags at the booking.

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