Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort Transfer

Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort Transfer – Booking at the Best Price in 2 Steps

Book your place today by getting the Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort Transfer service from our market leader company with our comfortable vehicles and the best prices. Whether you need a transfer from the hotel to Antalya Airport or from Antalya Airport to the hotel, you can easily make your reservation by examining our vehicle options in just two simple steps.

You can make your reservation as follows

After browsing through our vehicle options below and choosing the one that suits you, you can make a reservation by visiting our Booking page.

Choose your preferred payment method from our various currency options, allowing you to switch between currencies as needed.

After booking confirmation we will contact you to finalize the details. After receiving your approval, our team will be ready to accompany you to your hotel, we will greet you at the exit door with a banner with your name on it and take you to your hotel.

Vehicle Options

Select from our range of vehicle classes tailored to your needs:

  • Economical vans (6 passengers)
  • VIP ultra-luxury design vehicles (6 passengers)
  • Minibuses for larger groups (7-16 passengers)

Our prices are per vehicle, not per person, ensuring affordability regardless of group size. Take a look at images of our vehicles below.

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Why Choose Our Private Transfers?

Experience comfort and safety beyond traditional travel with our personalized services. Your well-being is paramount to us, and we prioritize your comfort and safety by providing secure and comfortable vehicles.

Whether you’re traveling with family or friends, we tailor our services to meet your unique requirements. Committed to comfort, luxury, and quality, we strive to exceed your expectations and deliver a delightful travel experience.

Book Now

Secure your transfer reservation in advance to enjoy cost savings and kickstart your holiday with swift and comfortable transportation. Click the “Book Now” button to make your reservation within minutes.

Please note: Reservations must be made at least 12 hours before your flight time. Feel free to contact us with any booking queries or for assistance.

About Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort

Located in the Alanya/Türkler district, Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort is a 5-star hotel ideal for couples and families. The distance of the hotel to the beach is 800 meters. The facility, which has multiple pools, has a relaxing and eye-catching concept. You can watch the video below for a preview.

Antalya Airport to Alan Xafira Deluxe Resort Transfer Time

Refer to the map below for the transportation route from Antalya Airport to the hotel, including average transportation time and distance. Our private transfer service ensures efficiency and convenience compared to public transportation alternatives.

For terms and other questions, visit our FAQ page, and for information about cancellations, visit our cancellation policies page.

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