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Alanya Paragliding – Experience an Adrenaline Filled Flight

Are you ready for an adrenaline-filled flight? Alanya Paragliding is carried out by professional pilots with internationally valid certificates. All Plitos have a FAI (International Aviation Federation) approved T2 Tandem license.

Alanya paragliding tour invites you to an adventure lasting 15-20 minutes. Anyone who wants to participate in this exciting experience can easily participate with a pilot, without needing special training or experience.

Our equipment, produced with advanced technologies, has high safety standards. Tandem paragliders are special designs that can easily carry two people and have large surface areas. In this way, maximum safety and comfort is ensured during the flight.

We are waiting for everyone who wants to have an unforgettable experience soaring from high above, accompanied by the magnificent view of Alanya. Come on, enjoy the freedom and excitement!

Pick-up: Your adventure begins with our professional and friendly drivers picking you up from your hotel. From there, get ready for a 30-minute off-road adventure as we take you to the take-off point on the Yassı Tepe peak in the Toros Mountains. But the fun is just getting started.

Rest assured, our entire staff is fully trained, and our equipment meets the highest standards, so you have nothing to worry about.

Safety Gear: All safety equipment, including helmets, is provided, and your pilot will give you clear instructions on what to do and what not to do. Don’t worry; paragliding is a completely safe sport, and our team is there to ensure your experience goes smoothly.

Paragliding Experience: When you’re ready to take off, your pilot will guide you towards the best thermal winds. All you have to do is lean back, relax, and marvel at the incredible scenery around you. Alanya Paragliding lasts about 15 minutes, gradually descending 800 meters from the mountains to Kleopatra Beach. What a journey, what an experience.

Return: Of course, our drivers will be waiting for you when you return, ready to take you back to your hotel in comfort. Once you’re back at your hotel, you can immediately go online and call your friends to tell them about this amazing experience.


*Hotel Transfer (If option selected)


*Safety Briefing Before Flight


*Training Service


*All Equipments


*Full Insurance
*Photos & Videos
*We have male and female pilots.


*Comfortable clothing, sturdy and comfortable shoes (trainers or boots), sunglasses, bottle of water.


*Please notice that Alanya paragliding flight may be cancelled due to the bad weather conditions. In this case your flight is cancelled, you will get full refund or we can reschedule it for the closest possible date.
Price Per Person 45 €
Children (4 – 8) 45 €
Alanya Alanya Paragliding
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