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Amara Family Resort Transfer

Our Amara Family Resort transfer aims to offer you a pleasant journey. By contacting us, you can experience the most luxurious transfer service. The service we provide has luxury standards at the international level. In this way, do not worry about the comfort of the trip. You just enjoy the view. We offer transfer service to all places around Antalya. In this way, you can travel all day or a few hours in Antalya. Our experienced driver will accompany you throughout the journey. We carry out the journey on the most comfortable and reliable roads. For detailed information, you can book a reservation and contact us.

Amara Family Resort is World Class with Transfer Quality

We offer you many advantages within the scope of our Amara Family Resort transfer service. One of them is our luxury vehicles. Also we have more than one vehicle and each is a different model. In this way, you will have many vehicle alternatives for the journey. The interiors of our vehicles are also aime at comfortable travel. There is an audio system and a television in our premium model vehicles. At the same time, you can sit facing each other in quality seats. So you can travel by chatting. we also have 3-seater vehicles and you can travel as a single person in the vehicle you want. Our vehicles have different suitcase capacities. You can instantly choose the one that suits you. Our in-car drinks are free of charge. Thanks to this, you can instantly feel the fresh taste of drinks.

Use the Advantages of Online Booking!

The advantage of online booking at Amara Family Resort transfer service is waiting for you. Paying for our online booking service is discounted. So, you can travel at a more affordable price. At the same time, you can determine the address you will go to yourself, and you can also choose the date from the calendar.

Distance to Amara Family Resort and Antalya Airport

Our Amara Family Resort transfer service has a very wide coverage. This includes airport transfer. We provide the transfer service between the hotel and the airport 24/7. The distance between the hotel and Antalya Airport is 68.8 kilometers. This journey can be made through many routes. We are also taking you the best way to go as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What percentage discount is given for online booking?

A: The online booking service has a 5 percent discount. Thanks to this, more affordable travel is possible.

Q: Do you have a baby seat?

A: Yes, we have baby seats. You can specify it during booking.

Q: Can we choose our Amara Family Resort transfer vehicle?

A: Of course you can choose. The cost of each vehicle is different from each other.

Q: Are the transfer vehicles insured?

A: Of course, our vehicles are insured, and the insurance service is not disrupted.

Q: How many people can benefit from the transfer service at most?

A: There is no limit on our person capacity and we can distribute as many people to the vehicles as desired.

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