Boutique hotels in Antalya

Boutique Hotels in Antalya: The Minimal Vacation Experience

Boutique hotels in Antalya have many facilities. Antalya, the pearl of the Mediterranean, has many hotel options. The reason for this is that Antalya is actually a tourism paradise. People from many parts of the world come to Antalya and stay in hotels. Of course, hotel types also increase in this way. Antalya hotels also include boutique hotels. Antalya boutique hotels have options that are quite unique and cover the historical texture. Some of them also have modern touches but continue to maintain their minimal appearance. The cutest boutique hotels in Antalya give you the opportunity to spend a pleasant vacation. At the same time, you can have a more comfortable vacation by seeing fewer people in these hotels.

What Do Boutique Hotels Have?

There are many boutique hotels in Turkey. These boutique hotels are widely preferred for vacations. The feature that makes a boutique hotel a boutique hotel is the small number of rooms. However, this seems to be an advantage for many people. It is also possible to have a quieter vacation in this way. Although the number of rooms in boutique hotels is small, the comfort can be as comfortable as a 5-star hotel. Comfort varies completely according to the hotel management. Boutique hotels have a buffet and it is possible to consume meals from the open buffet. Boutique hotels are usually located in towns or city centers. In this way, unique views are more at the forefront. At the same time, transportation becomes more practical. Boutique hotels are more customer-oriented. In this way, customer satisfaction is targeted. Design and decoration are much more original. The cutest boutique hotels in Antalya also have impressive options in this regard. When it comes to boutique hotels, the options in Antalya can be seen as the most pleasant options.

The Cutest Boutique Hotels in Antalya

The cutest boutique hotels in Antalya have a rich list of alternatives with many options. Especially in boutique hotels, expectations diversify and these expectations are desired to be met. Historical locations are popular in boutique hotels. At the same time, old village houses can also be converted into boutique hotels. In such cases, people’s preferences will also change. Of course, the facilities provided by boutique hotels are also decisive. Here are the cutest boutique hotels in Antalya:

Guler Boutique Hotel

Guler Boutique Hotel is located in Beldibi in Antalya. Comfort and tranquility is the main theme of the hotel and there is a design accordingly. There are 22 rooms in this hotel and they are divided into double and triple. This hotel is open both in summer and winter. In winter the services are bed and breakfast, while in summer it operates on a split board basis. The hotel has an a la carte restaurant. There is also a swimming pool, bar and garden. This boutique hotel is located 15 minutes from the sea. It is possible to go on foot or by car. Rooms have options such as land, pool and garden view.


Alp Pasha Mansion

Alp Pasha Mansion has more than one building. The main buildings are dated to the 18th century. The annex buildings are dated to the 19th century. The mansions here are the mansions of important names of the period and have a historical character. The settlement in this region is very old and these mansions bearing the traces of Ottoman architecture are a whole. The old ruins found here are today in the Antalya Museum. The rooms here are divided into standard room, deluxe room, sea view room, Ottoman suite / honeymoon suite. There are also different restaurant options here and meals can be eaten wherever you want.


Hadrian Gate Hotel

Hadrian Gate Hotel is located in Kaleici region. The region is a very historical location and offers a unique holiday with both the smell of history and the sounds of nature. This facility has air conditioning, restaurant, garden, internet connection, sun terrace, common area TV. At the same time, some services such as pool, breakfast, dry cleaning, bar have different fees. The rooms here have alternatives such as deluxe single, quadruple, double, triple. There is also a family suite option. Some rooms also have a balcony and it is now more possible to wake up to a pleasant morning.


Tuvana Hotel

Tuvana Hotel is located in a historical location. It emerged with the restoration of 18th century mansions. Located in the Kaleici area, this hotel is within walking distance to many places such as Hıdırlık Tower, Hadrian’s Gate, Tekeli Mehmet Pasha Mosque, Mermerli Beach. The hotel has breakfast, pool, free wifi, restaurants, air conditioning, room service, meeting room. It is also an award-winning hotel. Room options include economy room, standard room, premier room, superior room, prestige room and deluxe room. Each room varies in size and has different prices.


Puding Hotel

Puding Hotel is one of the cutest boutique hotels in Antalya. This hotel is located on a total of 2000 square meters and is in a garden. Many historical mansions have been restored and today it has become a facility. The concept of this hotel is very harmonious with the architecture. Puding Hotel has economy room, standard room, deluxe room, deluxe stone room and family room. The family room has a kitchenette. These rooms generally have a minibar. There is also a spa center & wellness here. It is one of the most suitable places to experience the Turkish Bath.


Route Hotel Kaleici

Route Hotel Kaleici is a hotel suitable for accommodation for ages 12 and over. It is located in Kaleici district and historical walls can be seen around it. Turkish breakfast is served here and there are 4 different room concepts. This boutique hotel is located just a 2-minute walk from Mermerli Beach. This hotel offers bed and breakfast and room service. There are also restaurant and bar alternatives. Each room has a minibar, bathroom and TV.


These hotels, which are among the cutest boutique hotels in Antalya, are compatible with every budget. In this way, it is also possible to make a choice according to the budget before staying in a hotel. If you want to reach the hotel of your choice in the shortest time and in the most comfortable way, you can contact us and take advantage of our transfer service:

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