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Calista Luxury Resort Transfer

Contact us for your Calista Luxury Resort transfer! We provide you with the most luxurious transfer service. The speed factor is very important when providing transportation to your hotel. Because we pay attention to both the hotel and the airport transportation times. You can also reach your hotel as soon as possible. While the transfer service is fast, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of this transfer. We make your transfer process with the highest quality and most luxurious vehicles. All you have to do is to sit in the vehicles you have booked. In this way, you can watch the view of Antalya and drink your drinks.

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Access to Every Location in Calista Luxury Resort Transfer Transactions!

You can make a reservation for your Calista Luxury Resort transfer. In the reservation process, we first receive name and surname information from you. In this way, we create a special reservation on behalf of you. Then we learn from you the address you want to go to. Also we take the address information you have and offer you our most suitable price. Then we arrange a reservation within the appropriate hours. We will pick you up from the hotel and take you to the airport during your Calista Luxury Resort transfer. At the same time, we take you from the airport to the hotel and to any other location you want. We also receive information from you about the number of people. In this way, we offer our most suitable and luxurious vehicle to your service. Call us for 7/24 transfer service in Antalya!

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How Far is the Distance Between Calista Luxury Resort and Antalya Airport

Distance is very important for Calista Luxury Resort transfer procedures. Since the distance determines the fare, many people are curious. Antalya Airport is 30 km from Calista Luxury Resort. It is possible to go through different routes and we are taking you the most reliable way. Make a reservation from us for a comfortable and luxurious trip and let your car needs be completed in Antalya!


Q: How much is the fee for transfer transactions?

A: The fee for transfer transactions is variable. According to the resorts, wage changes are observing.

Q: At what time are your transfer transactions making?

A: Our transfer operations are carring out 24/7. In this way, we offer you the possibility of transportation every hour.

Q: What method is paid for Calista Luxury Resort transfer transactions?

A: There are many alternatives for payments. There are remittance, EFT and credit card facilities.

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