Haydarpasha Palace transfer

Haydarpasha Palace Transfer

Don’t waste time with Haydarpasha Palace transfer transactions! Time is very important for both employees and those who come on vacation. Therefore, it is necessary to take advantage of the opportunity for an instant transfer from the airport. You can benefit from the transfer process for different trips as well as for business transfers. As many people as you specify will participate in these transfers, which are completely VIP. Private transfers are very important, especially for those who want to travel comfortably. Also VIP vehicles, which are indispensable for luxury trips, will be at your service. You can book it quite easily.

Haydarpasha Palace Transfer Procedures Have Only Two Stages

Your Haydarpasha Palace transfer will take only a few minutes. In order to benefit from the transfer process, you must first make an online reservation. If you want, you can also contact us at our phone number. We receive information from you such as name and surname. Then we get information about the transfer points. How long the transfer process will take is also included in this information. After specifying how many people will attend the transfer, you can send your reservation request. Your reservation request will be returned as soon as possible. After receiving the ’confirmed’ information, you can look forward to your booking day with pleasure.

Haydarpasha Palace Transfer Fee Information Is with You Instantly

The fee is very important in Haydarpasha Palace transfer transactions. We send you the fee information instantly. You can also learn the fee information in the clearest way from our website. This way, you can know in advance the amount you will pay. The transfer fees are related to the arrival and boarding point. For this reason, a fee is charged depending on the address.


Hotel Website: https://www.haydarpashapalace.com/tr/

Distance from Antalya Airport to Haydarpasha Palace

The distance to Haydarpasha Palace and Antalya Airport is 106 kilometers.  The distance takes an average of 1 hour and 31 minutes. However, depending on the condition of the road, both the route and the time may change. In this case, our goal is to get you to the address you want in the best way and as soon as possible. Our VIP vehicles will offer you a pleasant journey during the Haydarpasha Palace transfer process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are children including in the Haydarpasha Palace transfer process?

A: We determine the vehicles to be suitable for the number of people. Therefore, children also need to be add to the number of people.

Q: Are business transfers also including in the transfer transactions?

A: Those who come to Antalya for business can contact our transfer company. In this way, they can make a VIP trip.

Q: Which regions is the transfer process limit to?

A: Our transfer operations are limited to Antalya and its districts. In this way, you can easily visit all of Antalya.

Q: What are your service hours?

A: There is no limitation on our transfer service hours. We give 7/24 service.

Q: Is there a baby seat in the Haydarpasha Palace transfer service?

A: We have baby seat service. You can specify it during booking.

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