Justiniano Deluxe Resort Transfer

Justiniano Deluxe Resort Transfer

A good trip seems to be possible with our Justiniano Deluxe Resort transfer service. Our transfer service is between hotels and airports. At the same time, our transfer service is valid for every point in Antalya. This service is very advantageous for those who come to Antalya on vacation from abroad. At the same time, those who come to work from abroad prefer our VIP transfer service. Our VIP transfer service takes place in our VIP vehicles. Our vehicles are personalized and so you can travel single person and comfortably. Also you can travel with more than one person if you want. And you must specify this at the time of booking. Therefore enjoy your luxury transfer service by making your reservation!

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Online Booking Opportunity at Justiniano Deluxe Resort Transfer Service!

Justiniano Deluxe Resort transfer service has many facilities. One of them is online booking. Our online reservation service can be make through our website. At the same time, you can also choose the date and time during the online booking. Also you can specify your vehicle preference. In addition, you can also tell how many people will be on the trip. Online booking, which is the biggest advantage of our transfer service, is completed in a few minutes. This is not the only advantage of our transfer service.

There are free drinks in our transfer vehicles. At the same time, only one person can use our vehicles. We work with our experienced drivers and offer 7/24 transfer service. We have 3 different vehicles for our transfer operations. You can choose the one that suits you. Also you can benefit from our Justiniano Deluxe Resort transfer service with your family and friends. You can also include pets in our transfer service. Therefore it is enough to specify this at the time of booking.

Hotel Website: https://www.justinianohotels.com/tr/oteller/resort/

Distance to Justiniano Deluxe Resort and Antalya Airport

You can take advantage of all the advantages of Justiniano Deluxe Resort transfer service. You can travel to any address in Antalya. So the distance between the hotel and the airport is 92.4 kilometers. You can watch Antalya during the journey or you can have a pleasant time in the car.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is there internet in the transfer vehicles?

A: There is free Wi-Fi service in our transfer vehicles. You can also use it.

Q: Is there a baby seat in the transfer vehicles?

A: We have baby seats. You can specify it during booking.

Q: During what hoursa are transfers made?

A: Our transfer service is available 24/7. You can make a reservation for every hour.

Q: Is there air conditioning in the transfer vehicles?

A: Our vehicles are air conditioned. So you can travel without getting cold and sweating.

Q: Does the Justiniano Deluxe Resort transfer service start from the airport?

A: We can pick you up from the address you want and take you to the hotel. One of them is Antalya Airport.

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