Kaila Beach Hotel transfer

Kaila Beach Hotel Transfer

You can get many privileged services from us within the scope of Kaila Beach Hotel transfer service. Our transfer services are quite extensive. You can choose the time December you want with our daily transfer, hourly transfer service. It is only important that you specify them at the time of booking. Our reservation service is quite extensive. You can also make the vehicle selection within the scope of this service. It is essential that you make a reservation for our 7/24 transfer service. The service we provide is quite luxurious. We promise you luxury travel regardless of time and place.

Enjoy 24/7 Service with Kaila Beach Hotel Transfer!

Our Kaila Beach Hotel transfer service continues around the clock. With our 7/24 travel service, you can reach the desired address in a short time. At the same time, with our 24/7 service, you can go back and forth between the hotel and the airport Decently at night or during the day. The type of vehicle does not matter in our transfer services. In other words, you can also choose the vehicle you want during the 7/24 service. The budget of each vehicle will also be different.

Advantages of Kaila Beach Hotel Transfer Service

Our Kaila Beach Hotel transfer service has quite a variety of features. In this way, you can also benefit from the advantages of our services. Drinks in our vehicles are free of charge and you can consume our drinks as much as you want. At the same time, your pets can also ride in the vehicle. In this way, you can make a much more enjoyable trip. Another advantage of our transfer service is the possibility of online booking. In this way, you can benefit from the comfort of online booking. This situation pleases many people. Our guests from abroad prefer us for both business and vacation.


Hotel Website: https://www.kailabeachhotel.com/

Distance to Kaila Beach Hotel and Antalya Airport

Our Kaila Beach Hotel transfer service also covers the airport. The distance between Kaila Beach Hotel and Antalya Airport is 129 km. You can talk about a trip that lasts an average of 2 hours. However, the condition of the road and traffic is decisive for the duration. Our transfer promises you a luxurious trip while offering you a view of Antalya.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much is the car fee for Kaila Beach Hotel transfer service?

A: The cost of each vehicle is different in our transfer service. Therefore, you can get information during booking.

Q: How many hours does your transfer service take at most?

A: We can take you to every address in Antalya. It doesn’t matter how many hours it takes.

Q: Is there a baby seat in your transfer service?

A: There is a baby seat in the transfer service. However, please specify it during booking.

Q: Where should we pay for the transfer?

A: You can pay in the car. You can also use the advantage of paying online.

Q: Does the vehicle stop at the points we want during the transfer service?

A: Yes, the car will stop at the points you want. You can contact our driver.

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