Get your Megasaray West Beach transfer service from us! In this way, you can easily reach your hotel in Antalya. Transportation is very important for many people. Especially when going on vacation or business meeting, the comfort factor is taken into account in transportation. That’s why we offer you a comfortable trip. As soon as you get off from the airport, our experienced drivers greet you. In this way, we are taking you to Megasaray West Beach transfer as soon as possible. Our quality and latest model vehicles have a wide capacity. We also provide the comfort we provide in transportation with our employees and vehicles.

Enjoy the Luxury Vehicle Difference in Your Megasaray West Beach Transfer Transactions!

You can choose us for your Megasaray West Beach transfer transactions. Our luxury vehicles offer you the highest level of comfort. We are a suitable company especially for those who prefer comfort on short or long trips. Each of our vehicles has different features. Our Mercedes Vito Simpel vehicle has a capacity of 5 passengers. In the same way, our Mercedes Vito Premium vehicle has a maximum capacity of 5 passengers. If more passengers are to be picked up, we have a Mercedes Private Minibus vehicle. This vehicle has a capacity of 16 passengers. Each of our vehicles has VIP quality. Thanks to this, pleasant driving in luxury vehicles is possible.

The windows of our vehicles are closing. Thus, a suitable environment is provided for those who are uncomfortable with the sun. Our seats are made of top-quality leather. We also have optional special services in our vehicles. You only need to specify it before, that is, during booking.

Distance from Antalya Airport to Megasaray West Beach

Your Megasaray West Beach transfer transactions are now safe! Just contact us to make a comfortable and safe trip. We are picking you up from Antalya Airport. we overcome the distance of 25 kilometers in the shortest time. Thanks to this, you can easily get out of the airport. After the trip, you arrive at your hotel. In terms of ensuring safety, our drivers prefer the most protected way. In this way, it is possible to make a more reliable and faster trip.

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Q: What is the fee for transfer transactions?

A: Our fees for transfer transactions are related to many factors. For this reason, you can ask the fee at the time of booking.

Q: What days do you do the transfer transactions?

A: We are working 7/24 us. Our team serves you 24/7.

Q: Who makes the vehicle selection in the transfer process?

A: You can make the choice of vehicle. Your wishes are important to us.

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