Port River Hotel transfer

Port River Hotel Transfer

With the Port River Hotel transfer service, journeys are now much more enjoyable! After get off the plane, your transfer service starts immediately. Our transfer service has completely luxurious standards. Our vehicles are of the highest quality and these vehicles meet the desired specifications. One of the most important points in hotel transfers is time. Because it is very important to reach the desired locations as soon as possible. However, the safe factor is also important when reaching the location. We provide all these conditions and pay attention to both safety and time. Our drivers will arrive at the address you specified in a short time. Thanks to this, there is no need to wait for the car. Then you can get in the car and enjoy the journey.

Variety of Vehicles in Port River Hotel Transfer Service

There are more than one car in our Port River Hotel transfer service. Our vehicles have different capacities. Thanks to this, convenient areas are offering for both passengers and bags. Also the first of these is Skoda Octavia. It is a beloved vehicle with a capacity of 3 passengers and 3 bags. Our Mercedes Vito and Mercedes Vito Premium vehicles have a capacity of 5 passengers and 5 bags. Also our Mercedes Private Minibus vehicle has a maximum capacity of 16 passengers and 12 bags. There is a private driver in each of our vehicles.

Ease of Booking in Our Transfer Service

The most important point in transfer services is booking. Because reservations need to be make quickly and practically. Our reservation can be made online. Our online booking service has a very short-term system and you can make the reservation you want instantly. You can also choose a car at the same time. You must specify the day and time at the time of booking. The effect of booking in Port River Hotel transfer services is quite high.

Website: https://www.portriverhotel.com/

Distance to Port River Hotel and Antalya Airport

You can reach the airport as soon as possible with Port River Hotel transfer services. If you want, you can go from the airport to the hotel. There are 69-7 kilometers between the hotel and the airport. We cover this distance in the shortest time. In this way, your journey will be completed as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to pay for the Port River Hotel transfer service?

A: Payment can be pay online. It can also be paid in the car.

Q: Is there a break during the hotel transfer?

A: Yes, you can take a break. In this way, you can make the journey more special.

Q: How can we find out the fee for hotel transfer?

A: Pricing varies according to location and vehicle. You can find out the cost at the time of booking.

Q: Is there a drink during the hotel transfer?

A: Yes, we have free drinks in the transfer service. You can drink from these drinks.

Q: Can babies be included in the hotel transfer?

A: Yes, babies may be included but you should specify in advance if you want a baby seat.

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