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Don’t wait for your Royal Holiday Palace Transfer transactions! Now you can choose us for transfer to Antalya and the surrounding regions. You can reach the hotels located in Antalya and its surroundings in a short time. At the same time, enjoy a luxurious trip. The comfort factor is quite important when traveling. All you need to do for your transfer transactions will be to contact us. Our transfer vehicles are at your service every season. You can contact us 24/7 in summer, spring, winter and autumn seasons. We also provide convenient services for airport transfer operations. If you want to be the only one, it doesn’t matter to us if you want to have a lot of people. We offer you the best service!

Explore Our Vehicle Options for Your Royal Holiday Palace Transfer

At our company, devoted to providing Antalya’s premier VIP transfer service, we recognize the importance of offering flexibility in vehicle selection. We take pride in accommodating a wide range of budgets, ensuring that every customer enjoys a first-class experience. Our fleet comprises the latest model vehicles, guaranteeing elegance and comfort throughout your journey. Below, you can find details on our vehicle options for Royal Holiday Palace transfers and easily make a reservation using the provided buttons:

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Reserving your seat is quick and easy with our in-car payment option. Just click the “Book Now” button to confirm your reservation in a few minutes.

The Driver Will Be Waiting for You at the Address You Specified!

We work with a quality team. Our expert drivers take you to the address you want on the safest roads. Make an appointment in advance so that you can reach the desired address at the most convenient time. Our drivers are never late. He is waiting for you at your address. Thus, we also provide a welcome service. We meet you anywhere you want, such as the airport or the hotel. Then we place your belongings in the car. Then we offer you a comfortable trip. It is possible to reach any address you want at any time.

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Travel Between the Royal Holiday Palace and Antalya Airport!

24 minutes is enough for Royal Holiday Palace Transfer operations. It is located 17 kilometers from Antalya Airport and Royal Holiday Palace. Enjoy the comfort on your journey, which will take 17 kilometers! During the trip, you can sit in comfortable armchairs and watch the outside. Enjoy the view of Antalya. Get in touch to choose the car that suits you. Get to your hotel in Antalya Kemeraltı in the most comfortable way! Call for an appointment now and enjoy affordable prices!


Question: How much is the transfer fee?

Answer: Transfer fees are related to the destination. At the same time, the boarding point is also important.

Question: What are the cars to be used in the transfer process?

Answer: We have Mercedes Private Minibus, Mercedes Vito Premium and Mercedes Vito Simpel vehicles. Each of them has different characteristics.

Question: Within what hours are the transfer transactions made?

Answer: Our transfer transactions are made 24/7. It is valid for every day.

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