Selene Beach Hotel transfer

Selene Beach Hotel Transfer

Selene Beach Hotel transfer service stands out with its high-level quality. Our transfer service is based on convenience and comfort. Our vehicles are waiting for you so that you can have a comfortable trip. A comfortable journey is possible by choosing a VIP vehicle. Special services are also offering to you during the journey. In this way, your journey becomes completely personal. You must make a reservation before transfer. At this time, you need to specify how many people you will travel with. Just focus on your pleasant journey!

Hotel Transfer and Our Vehicles

We have 3 different vehicles for the Selene Beach Hotel transfer process. Our VIP vehicles vary according to the number of each person. Our Mercedes Private Minibus vehicle is often prefer for transfer service. This vehicle has a capacity of 16 passengers and 12 bags. Our Mercedes Vito and Mercedes Vito Premium vehicles have a capacity of 5 passengers and 5 bags. Our cars are driven by experienced and expert drivers.

Make a Reservation Before Transfer!

First of all, make a reservation for the Selene Beach Hotel transfer. Enter your booking information correctly. It is very important in whose name the reservation is made. Then you also need to enter the time and date information. Then you can send your information. You can take advantage of this service by calling from the phone. We also have an online booking service.

Hotel Website:

Distance to Antalya Airport with Selene Beach Hotel

The distance to Antalya Airport with Selene Beach Hotel transfer is 103 kilometers. It is very important to be able to go this distance in the shortest possible time.  Thanks to us, you can go the distance in a short time. At the same time, you can travel luxuriously. All you need to do is make a reservation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What days and times are the Selene Beach Hotel transfer operations performed?

A: Our transfer operations are 24/7. Thanks to this, you can always make a reservation from us.

Q: When is the payment paid for the transfer transactions?

A: You can pay in the car. There is no need to pay in advance.

Q: Is there a baby seat in the car?

A: We have a baby seat. However, you must specify this before booking.

Q: Can we enter the vehicle with our pet?

A: Yes, your pets can also get on our vehicle. However, you must specify it before booking.

Q: Can we get fee information before Selene Beach Hotel transfer?

A: Of course. You can get fee information before the transfer.

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