Concerdo De Luxe Resort Transfer

We claim that we are the right address for your Concerdo De Luxe Resort transfer transactions! Our transfer services are of the highest quality. In this way, you can get a super luxury service from us. Our vehicle quality varies according to your request. You can choose the appropriate vehicle for the number of people. Our vehicles, which stand out with their features such as air conditioning, comfortable seats and television, are waiting for you for comfortable driving. All you have to do is create a reservation! The day, time and location of your reservation are communicated to our experienced drivers. In this way, we can take you to the airport from your hotel in Aksu. At the same time, we are taking you to the hotel located in Aksu from the airport.

Your Airport Transfer Transactions Are Now Safe

We are conducting your Concerdo De Luxe Resort transfer transactions safely. A safe journey is very important for many people. We pay special attention to the safety of your expensive items. At the same time, the safety of your luggage and yours is also under our guarantee. Our experienced drivers take you to the desired point in the safest ways. There are seat belts in our vehicles. Our seats are safe and our vehicles are insured. In this way, we provide you with a safe service.

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Concerdo De Luxe Resort Transfer is at your service 24/7!

You can call us at any time for your Concerdo De Luxe Resort transfer. In this way, we can arrange a reservation that is suitable for you 24/7. This service is very effective, especially for those who get off the plane late or are going to get on the plane. In this way, we deliver you to the point you want every hour of the day.

How Far is Antalya Airport from Concerdo De Luxe Resort?

We are making your Concerdo De Luxe Resort transfer transactions. The distance between Antalya Airport and Concerdo De Luxe Resort is 13.6 km. We complete this distance in the safest ways in an average of 20 minutes. Thus, we offer you a pleasant and safe journey.


Q: How much is the cost of your transfer transactions?

A: The fee varies in our transfer transactions. We make a calculation taking into account the distance between two locations.

Q: When do we pay for the transfer process?

A: It depends on your preference. Can you do it before or after the transfer.

Q: Do you have air conditioning in your transfer vehicles?

A: All of our vehicles are air conditioned. We work with the latest model VIP vehicles.

Royal Holiday Palace Transfer

Don’t wait for your Royal Holiday Palace Transfer transactions! Now you can choose us for transfer to Antalya and the surrounding regions. You can reach the hotels located in Antalya and its surroundings in a short time. At the same time, enjoy a luxurious trip. The comfort factor is quite important when traveling. All you need to do for your transfer transactions will be to contact us. Our transfer vehicles are at your service every season. You can contact us 24/7 in summer, spring, winter and autumn seasons. We also provide convenient services for airport transfer operations. If you want to be the only one, it doesn’t matter to us if you want to have a lot of people. We offer you the best service!

The Driver Will Be Waiting for You at the Address You Specified!

We work with a quality team. Our expert drivers take you to the address you want on the safest roads. Make an appointment in advance so that you can reach the desired address at the most convenient time. Our drivers are never late. He is waiting for you at your address. Thus, we also provide a welcome service. We meet you anywhere you want, such as the airport or the hotel. Then we place your belongings in the car. Then we offer you a comfortable trip. It is possible to reach any address you want at any time.

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Travel Between the Royal Holiday Palace and Antalya Airport!

24 minutes is enough for Royal Holiday Palace Transfer operations. It is located 17 kilometers from Antalya Airport and Royal Holiday Palace. Enjoy the comfort on your journey, which will take 17 kilometers! During the trip, you can sit in comfortable armchairs and watch the outside. Enjoy the view of Antalya. Get in touch to choose the car that suits you. Get to your hotel in Antalya Kemeraltı in the most comfortable way! Call for an appointment now and enjoy affordable prices!


Question: How much is the transfer fee?

Answer: Transfer fees are related to the destination. At the same time, the boarding point is also important.

Question: What are the cars to be used in the transfer process?

Answer: We have Mercedes Private Minibus, Mercedes Vito Premium and Mercedes Vito Simpel vehicles. Each of them has different characteristics.

Question: Within what hours are the transfer transactions made?

Answer: Our transfer transactions are made 24/7. It is valid for every day.

Limak Lara Deluxe Hotel Resort Transfer

Don’t wait for Limak Lara Deluxe Hotel Resort transfer transactions at all! VIP transfer transactions are especially the choice of those who want to save time. In the process of transportation to hotels, the luxury factor is very important as well as the speed factor. We offer you these opportunities. In this way, you can get to your hotel as soon as possible. At the same time, you can get to Antalya Airport from the hotel. The route is determined according to your needs and wishes. It is quite easy to get to the hotel, which is located in the Aksu district of Antalya, thanks to us. All you have to do is call us for a reservation. Read now for details!

Call Our Number For Booking Procedures!

We provide transportation services to Antalya and Limak Lara Deluxe Hotel Resort transfer. The service we provide is provided by our top-end cars. Our cars are high technology and there are many opportunities in them. Depending on your request, presentations are made in our cars. To find out about all this, you must first call us at our contact number. You can find out about our cars before booking. We arrange our cars according to your number of people. You can also specify your special requests before booking. You need to specify in advance the days and times when you need the car. In this way, we can offer you the most suitable service.

Cover a Distance Limak Lara Deluxe Hotel Resort and Antalya Airport in a Short Time!

Antalya Airport is 13.8 kilometer away from the Limak Lara Deluxe Hotel Resort transfer. We offer you the opportunity to travel between the airport and the hotel in an average of 18 minutes. No matter how hot or how cold the weather is, you will travel in a luxury car and at any temperature you want. You can take advantage of all the facilities of our car. It will be enough for you to sit back throughout the trip. Since we also provide transportation to Antalya resorts, it is also possible to travel to different locations you want.

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Question: How much is the transfer fee?

Answer: The transfer fee is associated with the location. The distance between the two locations determines the fare.

Question: Is it possible to travel with children?

Answer: Children of all ages can ride in our cars. It is enough to have a parent with child.

Question: Is the number of suitcases indicated on the reservation?

Answer: It is important to specify the number of suitcases in terms of car selection. Therefore, it is recommended that you specify.

Delphin Diva Premiere Hotel Transfer

Delphin Diva Premiere Hotel Transfer is available 24/7. You have the opportunity to reach Delphin Diva Premiere Hotel with the highest quality and luxury cars. Our cars, which stand out as the choice of those who want a tasteful trip, provide transportation to many Antalya hotels. Although transportation is always a big problem, it’s now possible to get rid of this problem. Our cars, which offer the opportunity to reach the hotel as soon as possible from the airport, are accompanied by our large fleet. Our expert employees will meet you at the airport. Then, our employees will carry your wares and provide the suitable atmosphere for you to have a comfortable time in the cars. Our fleet includes experienced drivers. Our fleet will take you to the safest roads in the most reliable way. Regardless of the distance of your hotel, you can be delivered to the desired address.

Choose Your Car Yourself!

Our cars are conducting by our expert employees. However, you have the opportunity to choose the cars. Dear customers, you can choose the appropriate one from our car models and the one that appeals to you. Our fleet of cars with Mercedes Vito Simpel, Mercedes Vito Premium and Mercedes Private Minibus options is very suitable for transfer to Delphin Diva Premiere Hotel. We have vehicles with a capacity of 5 passengers, as well as cars with a capacity of 9 passengers. Bags are also including in our car capacity. There is an area for 5 and 6 bags in our cars. Even if you get off from the airport with many wares and people, we serve you with our most luxurious cars.

Distance to Delphin Diva Premiere Hotel and Antalya Airport

The distance between Delphin Diva Premiere Hotel and Antalya Airport is 13 kilometers. From the moment you get off the plane, our employee is waiting for you with a piece of paper with your name written on it. Then our employee carries your wares and helps you. Our car makes the transfer to Delphin Diva Premiere Hotel, which is 13 kilometers away, in a short time. We have a safe and fast driving facility. You will also enjoy your 10-minute hotel trip. You can also make a reservation for trips to Antalya, Alanya, Belek and the surrounding areas that you will make after spending time at your hotel. Our VIP cars will deliver you to the address you want as soon as possible.

Make a Reservation for Transfer Transactions!

To make use of our VIP cars, you need to make a reservation. Your booking process is completing in a short time. In this way, our VIP cars are available at the address you specify on the day and time you want. You must also remark the address you will be going to during the booking process. Delphin Diva Premiere Hotel transfer process is carried out in the fastest and most luxurious way.

Delphin Diva Premiere Hotel To Antalya Airport Transportation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is the cost for Delphin Diva Premiere Hotel Transfer transactions?

Answer: The cost of Delphin Diva Premiere Hotel Transfer transactions varies depending on the hotel where you will be delivered. At the same time, your preferred VIP car also affects the cost.

Question: Between which hours do you make the transfer transactions?

Answer: Transfers are made 24/7. We have more than one employee working at all hours.

Question: Is there food and the like in the transfer?

Answer: A welcome package is also added if you specify it at the time of booking. Thus, it is possible to make your trip personal.

Titanic Mardan Palace Transfer

Titanic Mardan Palace Transfer; If you have chosen Titanic Mardan Palace located in Antalya, Aksu, Özlü region for the holiday or travel accommodation; Enjoy comfortable transportation by giving the airport hotel transfer service to our Antalya Private Transfer company, which provides VIP transfer service.

Antalya VIP Transfer Service

Our company has provided VIP airport-hotel transfer service in Antalya for 12 years. Our company, which has hundreds of thousands of references, is among the leading companies in Antalya in transfer. Our brand is growing day by day as we always prioritize customer satisfaction. We always focus on the best service with our sincerity with our customers and our disciplined working policy.

Antalya Airport Titanic Mardan Palace transportation

Titanic Mardan palace Antalya airport can be reached in a very short time by private vehicles. Due to the hot weather during the summer months and the tiredness after the flight, you should get a private transfer service to reach your hotel as soon as possible. In this way, you will get rid of the traffic density and reach your hotel quickly.

The distance between Antalya Airport and Titanic Mardan Palace is 24 km and takes approximately 22 minutes.

Antalya Airport Titanic Mardan Palace transportation

Titanic Mardan Palace Transfer Vehicle Options

  • Ultra-luxury Mercedes Vito: You will find the comfort you want in this model, which is an affordable vehicle.
  • Mercedes Vito V Class Transfer: With its luxurious appearance and comfortable interior design, it is more expensive than other vehicle models.
  • Wv Caravella Transfer: If you want to spend your holiday in a crowded way, this vehicle model will be suitable for you.

Private transfer privileges;

  1. The transfer vehicle is allocated only to you.
  2. In order to eliminate the effect of hot air, our vehicles have special passenger air conditioners.
  3. Free, Cold drinks, Snacks are available.
  4. Free Wifi with high speed
  5. Named pick-up to the airport
  6. Carrying your luggage to the reception

Antalya Airport Titanic Mardan Palace Transfer Fees

Antalya Airport Titanic Mardan Palace Transfer Fees vary according to vehicle options. You can make a selection by accessing this price list in the Booking section.
Average one-way price: 30 to 40 €.