Titanic Mardan Palace Transfer

Titanic Mardan Palace Transfer; If you have chosen Titanic Mardan Palace located in Antalya, Aksu, Özlü region for the holiday or travel accommodation; Enjoy comfortable transportation by giving the airport hotel transfer service to our Antalya Private Transfer company, which provides VIP transfer service.

Antalya VIP Transfer Service

Our company has provided VIP airport-hotel transfer service in Antalya for 12 years. Our company, which has hundreds of thousands of references, is among the leading companies in Antalya in transfer. Our brand is growing day by day as we always prioritize customer satisfaction. We always focus on the best service with our sincerity with our customers and our disciplined working policy.

Antalya Airport Titanic Mardan Palace transportation

Titanic Mardan palace Antalya airport can be reached in a very short time by private vehicles. Due to the hot weather during the summer months and the tiredness after the flight, you should get a private transfer service to reach your hotel as soon as possible. In this way, you will get rid of the traffic density and reach your hotel quickly.

The distance between Antalya Airport and Titanic Mardan Palace is 24 km and takes approximately 22 minutes.

Antalya Airport Titanic Mardan Palace transportation

Titanic Mardan Palace Transfer Vehicle Options

  • Ultra-luxury Mercedes Vito: You will find the comfort you want in this model, which is an affordable vehicle.
  • Mercedes Vito V Class Transfer: With its luxurious appearance and comfortable interior design, it is more expensive than other vehicle models.
  • Wv Caravella Transfer: If you want to spend your holiday in a crowded way, this vehicle model will be suitable for you.

Private transfer privileges;

  1. The transfer vehicle is allocated only to you.
  2. In order to eliminate the effect of hot air, our vehicles have special passenger air conditioners.
  3. Free, Cold drinks, Snacks are available.
  4. Free Wifi with high speed
  5. Named pick-up to the airport
  6. Carrying your luggage to the reception

Antalya Airport Titanic Mardan Palace Transfer Fees

Antalya Airport Titanic Mardan Palace Transfer Fees vary according to vehicle options. You can make a selection by accessing this price list in the Booking section.
Average one-way price: 30 to 40 €.