Titanic Beach Lara Resort Transfer

Titanic Beach Lara Resort Transfer

Our company offers you a 24/7 transfer service. This service offered by you includes the highest quality tools. It is possible to transfer to Titanic Beach Lara Resort via Antalya Airport with a private transfer service. Compared to many ordinary car transfer companies, our company, which is completely corporate and has been giving services for many years, keeps in mind passenger satisfaction. We are improving ourselves through the comments made by our passengers and always working on the best service. We are able to go the distance of 12.1 kilometers between the airport and the hotel in 15 minutes and bring you to Titanic Beach Lara Resort in the safest way. The service procured by our company is provided by VIP transports, so our customers enjoy a luxurious trip.

Make a Trip with VIP Transports!

Our company, which works 24/7, works with reliance to get you to the address you want every day and time of the week. Besides these, there are also transfer opportunities to many precincts such as Alanya, Belek, Lara. With the transfer reservations are provided within the requested days and hours by booking a transfer. It is possible to take advantage of this opportunity on day trips, as well as it is preferred for hotel and airport trips.

The opportunity to always get the same quality is waiting for you on long or short duration trips to Titanic Beach Resort located in Muratpaşa district of Antalya! Our customers who are taken with a reservation, are transporting to the desired places 24/7 by VIP transports. It is possible to take advantage of the luxury features of the transports within the extent of the service.

How Many Kilometers is Antalya Airport from Titanic Beach Lara Resort?

The distance between Titanic Beach Lara Resort and Antalya Airport is 12.1 kilometres. Transportation here has been providing in an average of 15 minutes. The transportation process has been making entirely with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

Titanic Beach Lara Resort Transfer Transports

You need to know the differences between the transport models to be selected during the transfer process to Titanic Beach Lara Resort. Our customers can make reservations with transports that will procure their contented. The capacities of transports differ from each other.

  • Mercedes Vito Simpel – with a Capacity of 5 Passengers and 5 Bags
  • Vito Premium – With a Capacity of 5 Passengers and 5 Bags
  • Mercedes Private Minibus – with a Capacity of 9 Passengers and 6 Bags

Titanic Beach Lara Resort Transport Reservation

In order to travel to Titanic Beach Lara Resort in luxury by car, you need to make a reservation. As Antalya Private Transfer company, we work every day and hour with the reservation system. Our large fleet is always open for service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question; Can I find a welcome package in your transports?

Answer: Welcome packages are not included in our car service. However, the welcome package is specially prepared if the request is specified in the booking process.

Question; Do you have a direct welcoming committee service from the airport?

Answer: Yes, our experienced employee welcomes you from the airport and holds your name. The reception staff will help you later.

Question; How long do I need to make an appointment in advance in order to get to the Titanic Beach Lara Resort?

Answer: You can make an appointment at a quite early time so that we can get you to the Titanic Beach Lara Resort. Depending on the vacancy in our service, we also help our customers in the near future.

Question; How is Transportation Time Calculated?

Answer: Travel time is calculated on the distance between the airport and the hotel on the maps.

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