Hilton Antalya City Centre Transfer

Hilton Antalya City Centre Transfer

You can make your Hilton Antalya City Centre Transfer transactions every day. Hotels in Antalya are very popular every season of the year. Transportation to these hotels is the same luxury and popularity. You guys also prefer us for a luxury trip. As Antalya Private Transfer company, we promise the most stylish and luxurious travel. Get to the place you want comfortably with our quality latest model VIP transports. Take advantage of special offers as soon as you make a reservation. Our fleet with different transport capacities is at your service 24/7. Our fleet and experienced employees are pleased to welcome you. Enjoy a reliable journey with our VIP transports!

Double Tree by Hilton Antalya City Centre Transfer Transports

The car is very important in Double Tree by Hilton Antalya City Centre Transfer transactions. During the transfer process, you may have many wares. It is our duty to take our customers and their wares in the best way possible. That is why we use quality transfer transports. With the transports we use, your trip will be much more luxurious. The capacity of each of our transports varies. Our transports, which can capacity up to 9 people, also have a suitcase capacity.

* Mercedes Vito Premium

• Private Minibuse

• Mercedes Vito Simpel

How Many Kilometers Are Between Double Tree Dec Hilton Antalya City Centre and Antalya Airport?

Transfer operations cover a distance of 13.3 km. It is possible to get to Antalya Airport in 15 minutes. Our experienced employees can also pick you up from Antalya Airport with our quality fleet. Thus, you can make a comfortable trip from the airport to the hotel. 

Hotel Website: https://www.hilton.com.tr/oteller/turkiye/antalya/doubletree-by-hilton-antalya-city-centre

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When is it necessary to book a transfer?

Answer: It would be better if you made your reservation early. However, we always have a team available.

Question: How much is your suitcase capacity for transfer operations?

Answer: Our suitcase capacity varies according to the vehicle you have chosen. We have vehicles with a capacity of 5 and 6 suitcases.

Question: How much are the transfer fees for Double Tree by Hilton Antalya City Centre?

Answer: Our transfer fees vary according to many factors. You can get information at the time of booking.

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