Antalya hiking trails

Antalya Hiking Trails: The Most Interesting

Antalya hiking trails are a popular way for many people to spend time alone with nature. Nature walks can be done in many parts of the world. However, especially in some regions, nature walks become more enjoyable. Antalya is at the forefront among these. Antalya is home to many unique landscapes with both the sea and the mountains. When it comes to Antalya, the first thing that comes to mind is sea, sand and sun. However, Antalya also has a geography suitable for nature trips. Antalya harbors beauties in many points. The most suitable method to see them is nature walks. These walks pass through both ancient cities and abandoned churches. You can also see the sunset, sunrise and the wonders of nature during these walks. Antalya hiking trails include alternatives suitable for all ages. In this way, you can experience Antalya in person.

Nature and History Intertwined in Antalya

Antalya hiking trails offer different experiences. Among these experiences, it is possible to see both nature figures and historical figures. Many natural elements are at every point of Antalya. Antalya has fascinating views with both the sea and the parallel mountains. However, history is also an important part of Antalya. It is possible to see ancient cities and important historical buildings at many points in Antalya. During these walks, historical ruins can also be visited and seen.

What are Antalya Hiking Trails

Antalya nature hiking trails are quite diverse. These routes vary especially in terms of difficulty and convenience. For this reason, it is necessary to examine each route according to both its duration and difficulty level. Of course, the views and historical ruins of the routes on the road also affect many people. Now let’s take a look at the most popular hiking trails in Antalya:

Lycian Way

The Lycian Way starts from Fethiye and continues until Antalya. This journey is long and covers over 500 kilometers. There are red and white markings on this route, so it is possible to distinguish the route. This route was planned by the British Kate Clow and is the most popular Antalya route. This route includes many strategic locations in the historical sense. Walking on this route allows you to see many historical points. The route is named after the Lycian Civilization. This route, which covers the Lycian city states, is an important path. The Lycian Way can be walk completely or it can be divided into two lines. One of them is the coastal road and the other is known as the inner line. Along the trail, you can see Ölüdeniz, Butterfly Valley, Letoon Ancient City, Demre, Myra, Olympos and many other important regions.

Tazı Canyon

Another trail in Antalya hiking trails has the name of Tazı Canyon. This canyon is also a sightseeing route. This place covers Serik and Manavgat districts. The walls of this canyon can reach up to 400 meters high and host many eye-catching views. This is a frequent destination for travelers. It is possible to see more animals in this nature walk. Especially bird species are abundant and birds such as rock swallow, rock pigeon, red bunting, rock sparrow are among them. Cedar and larch are also common among the trees here.

Köprülü Canyon

Köprülü Canyon is located within the borders of Manavgat district. Many routes can be seen in this location. Köprülü Canyon is one of the most interesting spots for photographers. The unique landscapes offered by nature are at the forefront here. The wetlands here are more prominent during the spring and therefore mossy stones are also formed. It is necessary to follow the route carefully. This canyon, named after the historical bridge in the region, can make the trip cooler and more enjoyable with its wetlands. This bridge, thought to belong to the Roman era, allows you to look at the canyon from a higher point. This region has been a national park since 1973. It is known as one of the longest canyons in Turkey.

Ucoluk Plateau

Ucoluk Plateau is in a very high location and offers a pleasant walk with its fresh air. There are many tree species unique to the region. It will be a way to gain experience for people who are interested in nature. At the same time, those who want to camp can also choose this route. This journey takes place through a green forest. It offers a much more effective walk, especially in cold weather.

Gelidonya Lighthouse

Gelidonya Lighthouse is one of the most popular routes in Antalya hiking trails. It becomes a trend especially in the spring season and people from many parts of the world come here. Located in Kumluca district, this route also includes a section of the Lycian Way. Gelidonya Lighthouse is the highest lighthouse in Turkey. It is also a unique route with unique views. This lighthouse is 227 meters high. There are also people camping in and around the lighthouse. This route is also known as the Adrasan and Gelidonya Lighthouse route.

St. Paul Road

St. Paul Road is known as the 2nd longest hiking trail in Turkey. It is 500 kilometers long and is known to take 27 days. This route is also divide into a second road. This road then merges with the same route. In this way, the journey can continue from many points. The route ends in the Eğirdir region.

Antalya hiking trails are divide into many more short or long routes. In this way, it is possible to experience Antalya with its nature and history at the same time. Those who want to access this route in a short time can contact us for our transfer service.

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