Best Kebab Restaurants in Antalya

The 13 Best Kebab Restaurants in Antalya – Kebab Varieties

Before moving on to our list of kebab restaurants in Atalya, let’s briefly learn what Kebab is. Kebab is a delicious dish loved all over the world. It consists of skewered meats, typically lamb, chicken or beef, marinated in a spice mixture and grilled to perfection. The meat is then typically served with a variety of accompaniments such as bread, salad, and sauce. In this article, we will examine the history of kebab, its different varieties and how to make the perfect kebab.

History of Kebab

What is kebab

The origin of kebab dates back to ancient Iran, where it was known as “kabab” or “kabob”. The dish was originally made using small pieces of meat threaded onto skewers and cooked over an open fire. These meats are generally beef, lamb and chicken.

Turkish culture and kebab

Turkey’s kebab adventure truly has a very old and rich history. Anatolia’s geographical location and interaction with different cultures throughout history have greatly influenced the diversity and richness of Turkish cuisine.

Different kebab varieties have been developed in different regions of Anatolia, in line with climatic conditions, local traditions and available ingredients. For example, Adana kebab is famous for its locally used spices and finely ground red pepper. Urfa kebab differs from other kebabs in that the meat used is sheep instead of beef and the spices are different.

In addition, there are local kebab varieties in different regions of Turkey. İskender kebab is unique to Bursa and döner kebab is a famous taste of Konya. Each is known for its unique cooking techniques and presentations.

In Turkish cuisine, kebab has an important place not only in the cooking of the meat, but also in its marinades and served with bread, rice or salads. Kebab is usually cooked on embers on a barbecue or stove and served with fresh greens.

In addition to this diversity and flavors, kebabs have become a cultural symbol throughout history as an important part of Turkish cuisine. Kebabs, a dish traditionally shared among families and friends, are an element of Turkish cuisine that strengthens social and cultural ties.

Variations of Kebab

Kebab Varieties

There are many different variations of kebab, each with its own unique flavor and cooking method. Some of the most popular types of kebab include:

*Shish Kebab: This is the most common type of kebab, which consists of skewered cubes of meat that are grilled over an open flame. The meat can be marinated in a variety of spices, depending on the region.

*Doner Kebab: This is a Turkish-style kebab that is made using thinly sliced meat that is stacked on a vertical spit and cooked slowly. The meat is typically served in a sandwich or wrap.

*Kofta Kebab: This is an Indian-style kebab that is made using ground meat, spices, and herbs that are formed into balls or patties and then grilled.

*Adana Kebab: This is a spicy Turkish-style kebab that is made using ground lamb or beef that is seasoned with chili flakes and other spices.

*Seekh Kebab: This is a Pakistani-style kebab that is made using ground meat that is mixed with spices and then skewered and grilled.

Kebab Restaurants in Antalya

Antalya City is home to many great kebab restaurants, each with its own unique style and taste. You can taste these unique flavors by examining the kebab restaurants listed below.

Here are some of the best kebab restaurants in Antalya:

Sedir Restaurant

Kebab Restaurants in Antalya

Location Link

Sedir Restaurant is a famous restaurant located in Aksu district of Antalya. Sedir Restaurant, which has a wide menu range, offers distinguished tastes of Turkish cuisine to its guests. It is especially known for its kebab varieties, traditional dishes from Turkish cuisine and the famous Turkish dessert baklava.

The restaurant’s menu includes a rich selection of meat and chicken kebabs, grilled dishes and local delicacies. In addition, dishes such as karnıyarık, dolma and mantı, which are indispensable flavors of Turkish cuisine, are also included in the menu.

For dessert lovers, Sedir Restaurant is famous for its baklava varieties. Delicious baklavas prepared with walnuts and sherbet poured into thin dough delight the palate.

Adanadayım Kebap

Kebab Restaurants in Antalya

Location Link

Adanadayım Kebap is a restaurant located in the Muratpaşa/Çağlayan area and is a delicious place offering a variety of Turkish kebabs.

It offers customers the opportunity to discover the rich flavors of Turkish cuisine by offering a wide kebab menu. Its menu includes kebabs prepared with various types of meat; such as beef, lamb, chicken. There are also vegetable, kashar or plain kebab options available.

Adanadadım Kebap not only offers delicious meals to its guests, but also provides a pleasant eating experience in a friendly atmosphere. It aims to provide the best service to customers with its warm and hospitable staff.

The ambiance of the restaurant is decorated with details reflecting Turkish culture. Filled with traditional decoration elements, the venue offers customers an authentic Turkish dining experience.

Köfteci Cihat

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Köfteci Cihat is a famous restaurant located in Aksu district of Antalya. It is famous for its delicious kebab varieties, delicious meatballs and delicious piyaz. Köfteci Cihat, which has been offering quality and delicious meals to its customers for years, offers the most outstanding examples of traditional Turkish cuisine.

Köfteci Cihat, a place preferred especially by those looking for local tastes, attracts attention with its warm and friendly atmosphere. It aims to provide its customers with an unforgettable experience with its staff that makes them feel traditional Turkish hospitality.

Its menu includes delicacies such as various kebabs, specially prepared meatballs and delicious blarney. Dishes prepared with traditional methods are made with fresh and quality ingredients, leaving an unforgettable taste on the palate.

Ciğerci Bahattin

 Antalya Kebab Restaurants

Locatino Link

Located in Antalya/Lara, this restaurant is known throughout the country for its famous kebabs. It offers 8 types of appetizers free of charge from the menu. You can try all kinds of kebab from this restaurant.

Adana Ocakbasi

 Antalya Kebab Restaurants

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Located in the heart of the city, Adana Ocakbasi is a must-visit place for those who want to taste the famous Adana kebab. The restaurant is famous for its delicious, spicy kebabs made using fresh and quality ingredients.

Tike Kebap

 Antalya Kebab Restaurants

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Located in Antalya’s Konyaaltı district, this popular restaurant is known for its mouth-watering kebabs made with marinated lamb, chicken and beef. The restaurant also offers a wide variety of vegetarian options, making it a great choice for everyone.

Seraser Fine Dining Restaurant

 Antalya Kebab Restaurants

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For a more luxurious kebab experience, head to Seraser Fine Dining Restaurant located in Antalya’s historical Kaleici district. The restaurant offers a variety of kebabs, including lamb and chicken cooked to perfection on a traditional charcoal grill.

Kebapçı Hasan Usta

 Antalya Kebab Restaurants

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This popular restaurant chain has branches all over Turkey and is known for its high-quality kebabs made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Offering a variety of delicious kebabs, including lamb, beef and chicken, the Antalya location is no exception.

Pasa Bey Kebap

 Antalya Kebab Restaurants

Location Link

Located in the Muratpaşa lara area, this restaurant offers a wide variety of kebabs and meat-bread and pita. You can visit the link below to see the location and review the pictures.

Tiritcizade Restaurant

 Antalya Kebab Restaurants

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You can have your dinner and lunch in this restaurant where you will experience the indispensable meat bread, lahmacun and Turkish style kebabs of Konya cuisine.

Topçu Kebap

 Antalya Kebab Restaurants

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Located in Kaleiçi,(old bazaar) this restaurant offers all kinds of kebabs. If you are open when you go on a tour in Antalya Castle, you can stop by Topçu Kebab restaurant and taste its delicious kebabs.

Adanadayim Kebap Restaurant

 Antalya Kebab Restaurants

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This restaurant is located among the famous places in the Lara district of Adana kebab area. There are many menus such as Adana kebab, Kuşbaşı kebab, Liver, and chops. If you want to eat Lara kebab, visit this restaurant.

Dönerci Hamdi

 Antalya Kebab Restaurants

Location Link

You can taste the most famous kebabs of Turkish cuisine at Dönerci Hamdi restaurant in Antalya/Lara. You can experience these flavors with excellent Turkish desserts and traditional soup menus.

You can browse our list of the best kebab restaurants in Antalya and choose the restaurant closest to you. This list also includes experienced restaurants. Kebab restaurants offer a wide variety of flavors and styles to suit every palate. Whether you prefer the spicy flavor of Adana kebab or the juicy softness of lamb kebab, there is definitely a restaurant in Antalya that will appeal to your taste.

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