Sirius Deluxe Hotel transfer

Sirius Deluxe Hotel Transfer

Sirius Deluxe Hotel transfer transactions are completely reliable. You can arrive your hotel any day and time you want. It is also possible to go to Antalya Airport at the same time. We prefer luxury VIP vehicles in the transfer service we provide. In this way, we offer you a pleasant journey. It is very important that you make a reservation first for your Sirius Deluxe Hotel transfer process. In this way, a special vehicle will be arranged for you and our experienced employee will accompany you that day. For a quality Antalya trip, you need to contact us or make an online reservation. sirius transfer

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Reserve your seat in minutes using our convenient in-car payment or online payment option.

Sirius Deluxe Hotel Transfer Advantages

The Sirius Deluxe Hotel transfer process has many advantages. You can evaluate these advantages and get a comfortable travel opportunity. You can make a reservation to go to your hotel. We have the opportunity to book online and thus you do not need to call us. Then we will return to you by e-mail to inform you that your reservation has been confirmed. At the same time, we take you with VIP vehicles. You can make the choice of the car. If you have any extra requests, you can contact us.

We Offer Various Possibilities for Sirius Deluxe Hotel Transfer Payouts!

It is quite easy to pay for transfer transactions. You can pay by car during the Sirius Deluxe hotel transfer. Thus, it is not possible for you to have any problems in the paying process. During the checkout process credit card facilities. You can pay comfortably with your card. You can find out the fee you will pay in advance.

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Distance from Sirius Deluxe Hotel to Antalya Airport

The distance between Sirius Deluxe Hotel and Antalya Airport is 103 km. We are completing this route, which takes 1 hour and 28 minutes, in the safest way. You can travel with pleasure with the view of Antalya and the Mediterranean Sea. You can choose the one suitable for your number of people from our VIP vehicles in Sirius Deluxe Hotel transfer. In this way, you can have a more comfortable journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the types of vehicles for transfer?

A: Our vehicles are Mercedes Ultra VIP, Mercedes VIP, Mercedes Vito Simple, Wv Caravelle 9 Persone, S Class Mercedes and Mercedes Private Minibus.

Q: How are the transfer fees determined?

A: Your boarding and destination points are very important in our transfer fees. There are also daily and hourly rates.

Q: Is it possible to travel with our pets?

A: You can travel with your pets. It is very important to know the breed and size of your pet during the reservation.

Q: When is the transfer scheduled?

A: We have a team that works 24/7. For this reason, we serve you every day and every hour.

Q: Does the transfer vehicle stay in the places we want?

A: Our transfer vehicle stops where you want. We work intensively for customer satisfaction.

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